Ruggero - Film

Ruggero tells about how we react when something important has been stolen from us. The short, written and directed by Franco Dipietro, starts from the real story of a 33 years old boy affected by Down Syndrome. The project has been partly funded through and took 7 days of production.

The short has been selected in many international film festivals worldwide and its broadcasting rights have been bought by Canal+ France for 2013.

Via Ponzio, 3 10141 Torino (Sede legale)
Via delle Alpi, 2 10138 Torino (Sede operativa)

Ai sensi della legge n. 124/2017 ,art. 1, commi 125-127*, la società Duel: film snc di Franco Dipietro e soci comunica di aver ricevuto nell'anno 2018 contributi pubblici da Emilia Romagna Film Commission, Torino Piemonte Film Commission, FGV Film Commission e Mibact.